We take immense pride in our roots as an entirely American-owned and operated business. From our headquarters and command center, to our operations, every aspect of our company is firmly planted in the United States. But that’s not all – our commitment to supporting the nation’s economy extends to our hardware manufacturing as well. We are delighted to say that all our hardware is proudly manufactured right here in the USA. By keeping production local, we not only ensure the highest quality products but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of American industries. So when you choose our products, you not only receive top-notch hardware but also support the vision of a stronger and more sustainable domestic manufacturing sector. Thank you for joining us in this journey towards a brighter, Made-in-the-USA future.


Remote Security Solutions, founded in 2003, provides security systems and resources utilizing the latest analytic technology to protect and deter criminal activity on client sites nation wide. Our unique approach to perimeter protection and managing access has saved countless dollars and successfully deterred criminal activity for many Fortune 500 companies. With industries ranging from telecommunications and consumer retail distribution to government and transportation, we have the ability to customize and scale our solutions for any business vertical.

Our clients no longer have to choose between passive solutions, such as burglar or motion alarms, nor are they left with the expense of onsite personnel. Remote Security Solutions designs a customized, turnkey platform to meet your unique location, needs, goals and budget considerations. Our command center manages the system to detect and deter unwanted activity to provide a superior caliber of property defense at a surprisingly affordable price point.


Welcome to our cutting-edge Remote Security Command Center! With a team of highly skilled live agents, we provide unparalleled 24/7 threat detection and deterrence to safeguard your property around the clock, 365 days a year. Our agents undergo the highest levels of training and continuously engage in ongoing learning to ensure they stay ahead of evolving security challenges. Their expertise and vigilance allow us to deter an impressive 98% of crime and intruders, providing you with peace of mind and unmatched protection. Regardless of industry, our state-of-the-art technology combined with the dedication of our agents ensures that your safety and security are never compromised.